Updated transition matrices and ready reckoners

February 2019

The DfE has published KS2 and KS4 pupil and school ready reckoners on revised 2018 data. Adjusting of extremely negative scores has been built into the Progress 8 pupil ready reckoner for the first time, whereby extreme negative progress scores are replaced with a minimum score that has been set for the relevant prior attainment group. While pupils still receive a large negative score, adjusting scores in this way helps to limit the impact of extremely negative individual scores on a school’s overall score. 

Transition Matrices (TMs) have also been published for KS2 and KS4 on revised 2018 data. In addition to the usual breakdowns for gender and disadvantage, the KS4 TMs have also been produced with breakdowns for special educational needs (SEN) and English as an Additional Language (EAL). The products were adjusted considerably to accommodate subjects moving from the A*-G to the 9-1 grading structure, and to include the first double award subject, GCSE combined science, on the 9-9 to 1-1 grading structure. These products allow users to select pupil number and percentage data by subject and KS4 attainment category for different KS2 attainment groups using built in drop down menus. This functionality improves the user experience, and makes the product smaller and much easier to use.  

ASCL has continued to press the DfE to make data available to schools which acknowledges the fact that different groups make different progress. It’s therefore very welcome that the DfE has published TM data for a wide range of individual subjects which can be broken down by gender, disadvantage, SEN and EAL.

This data is, nevertheless, very late in the year to be helpful for school evaluation purposes. The ASCL Data Toolkit, available free at www.ascl.smidreport.co.uk allowed schools to collaborate and hence, build this data early. Our analysis shows that collaborating in this way led to very accurate results, with over 100,000 pupil results to draw on. The toolkit has now been updated to reflect national data.

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