Centre-assessed Grading 2020: Technical guidance

Comparing awarded grades with other calculations
Calculating estimated grade distribution for June 2020
Tiering, managing missing data and other support

11 August 2020

We are very grateful to ASCL member and Executive Headteacher David Blow for sharing his thoughts on some technical aspects of the centre-assessed grading (CAG) process, and to his colleague Joe Bright.

1. Comparing awarded grades with other calculations
The document Comparing the awarded grades in June 2020 with other calculations (10 August 2020) explains how the grades were calculated using the Ofqual standardisation model and compares the process with the ASCL process described in Calculating estimated grade distribution, as detailed below. 

2. Calculating estimated grade distribution for June 2020
The document Step by step to allocating grades using ASCL approach gives details on this process with accompanying spreasheets.
The files are as follows:   3. Support in calculating marks
In his presentation, guidance notes and accompanying files, David discusses how to manage assessments which run across tiered subjects, how to determine the weighting in subjects with different types of components, and how to deal with any missing data from the ranking process.

The files are as follows: 
Technical guidance for schools on estimating exam grades, summer 2020
Exam grading - the key issues PowerPoint presentation and accompanying voiceover
GCSE Maths tiered example
GCSE Music including practical 
GCSE English setted marks 

For tiered subjects, the ranking needs to be across the whole cohort, so these principles will be very useful, as well as being used to synthesise a range of types of assessment where the cohort have taken different papers. David is grateful to his colleague Joe Bright for his contributions.

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