Alcohol awareness resources

March 2019

NICE is currently consulting on updated guidelines covering recommendations and good practice in alcohol education in PSHE as part of a whole-school approach. The draft guidance includes good practice examples of universal and targeted interventions in secondary and further education to prevent and reduce alcohol use among children and young people aged 11 to 18, and up to 25 for young people with SEND in full-time education. It aims to encourage children and young people not to drink, to delay the age at which they start drinking, and to reduce the harm to those who do drink.  The new guidance is planned for publication in August 2019 and you can find the draft guidance and consultation documents here.

Drinkaware for Education is a free, curriculum-linked alcohol education programme for teachers of 9 to14 year-olds. Its resources are specially designed for use in PSHE classes and are accredited by the PSHE Association’s Quality Mark. Visit the website to see how primary and secondary schools are using Drinkaware for Education resources to foster positive behaviour, and download free resources to use in class.

Alcohol Awareness Week runs for a week every year in November and you can find the latest information for this year here. The programme asks teachers to take this time as an opportunity to introduce and develop alcohol awareness among their students. To help start the process, the programme is providing an introductory lesson plan that is free to download and flexible for all teaching and learning styles.

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