National Funding Formula (NFF) funding allocations 2020/21

15 October 2019

The DfE has now published the indicative NFF allocations for 2020/21. The Impact for Schools tool will show your school and how any increases, resulting from the September spending round announcements, will affect your per pupil funding.

Early analysis indicates that one in four  primary schools will see income per pupil rise by between 2% and 5%, and some 6,800 schools (about 40%) will see gains of between 5% and 10%. One third of secondary schools will see income per pupil rise by between 4% and 5%, and around 12% will see gains of between 5% and 10%.

What is concerning, is that around 25% of primary and secondary schools are only going to see rises of 1.84%. This is the funding floor level, which is intended to inflation proof their funding. However, we know that school costs often rise at a pace faster than inflation.

All of this analysis is based on the national indicative calculations. Best advice is to stay in touch with your local authority (LA) via schools forum representatives. LAs will be setting local formula for 2020/21 and it is this formula that will determine your final budget allocation. Minimum per pupil funding levels are mandatory for 2020/21 so these values should flow through into local formula allocations.

Minimum per pupil funding level for primary is £3,750

Minimum per pupil funding for secondary is £5,000

More detail about how these levels are calculated, including achieving parity for schools with non-standard year groups, is available here.

Consultation on proposals for block transfers and local formulae will be underway now or in the very near future. Here is the timeline that LAs will be working to: 
28 November 2019:
  • Deadline for submitting disapplication requests if the local authority wishes to move more than 0.5% of the schools block.
A request must also be submitted if the schools forum has turned down a proposal from the authority to move funding out of the schools block, but the authority wishes to proceed with the transfer.
Mid-January 2020:
  • Schools forum consultation and political approval is required for final 2020 to 2021 funding formula. 
21 January 2020:
  • Deadline for submission of final 2020 to 2021 Authority Proforma Tool (details the local formula) to ESFA.
More detail about the Autumn timetable are in the Schools Revenue Funding 2020/21 Guidance.