Coronavirus: essential information 

The government’s guidance and advice about coronavirus (Covid-19) in educational settings for staff, parents and carers, pupils and students can all be found on

ASCL has also produced an extensive, and growing, range of guidance to support members in dealing with this unprecedented situation.

Our FAQs for school and college leaders are updated regularly and cover a wide range of issues under the following headings

We have also shared resources, templates and information for summer grading and appeals in 2021 (member log in required). 

Links to the latest guidance updates for Step 4, including our summary (as shared in ASCL Briefings 6, 9 and 13 July).  

On the first Monday of each month, our specialist policy team provides monthly updates for ASCL members via the Team ASCL webinars. The most recent recording can be viewed here

Our other Team ASCL webinars since September 2020 on a variety of topics can also be seen here.  

Between April and July 2020 we hosted weekly webinars on coronavirus-related issues, including mental health and wellbeing, planning ahead, and financial, legal and staffing concerns. 

The ASCL specialist team have produced a number of guidance papers to support members on key issues.

Planning, finance and risk assessment
  Remote learning and assessment Safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing Employment

Our press releases relating to this situation can be found under News.

You may also be interested in Geoff Barton’s weekly TES blogs.

Joint press release by ASCL, LGA, NAHT and NEU Joint School Workforce  on Joint Guidance on International Travel 
(27 May 2021)

Regular briefing videos from 4 September 2020 by Geoff Barton, ASCL General Secretary, updating school and college leaders with the latest information can be viewed here.

Daily briefing videos from 19 March to 1 September can be viewed here

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