KCSIE - child on child sexual violence and sexual harassment

March 2019

In September 2018, the Keeping Children Safe In Education guidance was updated to include a new part five, titled Child on Child Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment. Please be reminded that all schools must make themselves aware of this new part of the statutory guidance. It covers:

  • responding to reports of sexual violence and sexual harassment 

  • the immediate response to a report 

  • action following a report of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment 

  • ongoing response 

The guidance above follows the DfE's guidance on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Between Children in Schools and Colleges published in December 2017, and comes as a result of the disturbing evidence reported to the Women and Equalities Committee in 2016, which highlighted the scale and impact of sexual violence and sexual harassment between children and young people in schools and colleges. The committee’s report, published in September 2016, can be read here

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