New School Allergy Action Group (SAAG) Toolkit

May 2019

A new free toolkit has been launched to empower secondary schools in the UK to improve the care and wellbeing of pupils living with allergy. Launched by Allergy UK, the new School Allergy Action Group (SAAG) Toolkit is an easy to use interactive programme, which aims to equip schools with the knowledge and awareness to allow pupils to feel safe and supported at school.

The seven-step programme guides schools through the development of an effective whole-school allergy management policy. This free toolkit and supporting resources reflect European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) guidance on supporting pupils with allergic conditions in school and EU legislation on food labelling. The programme involves senior management teams, school nurses, teachers, caterers, pupils, parents and governors in the whole-school allergy management policy development and in the ongoing work needed to ensure that its implementation is effective and consistent.

The SAAG programme is available on the ‘Schools’ section of Allergy UK’s website and enquiries about SAAG should be sent by email to

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