Schools and colleges offered free sanitary vending machines by phs

June 2019

Hygiene services provider phs Group has announced plans to offer its new coin-free vending machines to schools and colleges for free as part of a new initiative to create period equity.

The vending machines provide access to free sanitary products without the use of a coin. Users can simply open the drawer of the vending machine and take their choice of product whenever needed. It is a practical and hygienic solution for education providers, allowing convenient and discreet access.

As part of phs Period Poverty, a drive which aims to support the elimination of period poverty in the UK, phs is leading the industry by offering coin-free vending machines to education providers free of charge. It has also launched a new white paper report on the experiences and opinions of teenagers on period poverty within schools and colleges.

For more information visit call phs on 02920 809090 or email 

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