Supporting primary to secondary transition: a collaborative approach

For those children making the move from primary to secondary school, SixIntoSeven offers a great resource that aims to help schools work together to ease transition.

ASCL is delighted to be partnering with askEddi to offer schools an innovative resource to help support school leaders in response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on primary to secondary transition.

Through a dedicated, secure data portal, SixIntoSeven™ enables primary leaders to share essential information on pupils with their new secondary school.

What is SixIntoSeven™?
Without SATs, assessment data, and other disruptions to the normal transition process, staff at secondary schools may may not have sufficient information to understand the capabilities of each new student from September, resulting in further challenges to targeting appropriate support. 

SixIntoSeven™ helps address this by asking primary teachers to make a professional judgement quickly and easily on each pupil's progress in key curriculum areas.  In as little as 30 minutes for a whole class, a primary teacher can transfer essential information and knowledge about each pupil to the receiving secondary school.  This then helps the secondary school make both strategic and class-level decisions and deliver the most appropriate learning, ensuring the best possible start to each pupil's secondary education journey in these challenging times.

To find out more and to register, visit the dedicated SixIntoSeven™ website or see the tabs below.

Sign up now

Five quick, easy, and secure steps
Step 1: Secondary schools in England can sign up individually or on a trust-wide basis.

Step 2: The secondary school manages the process by inviting their feeder primary schools to join.

Step 3: Primary teachers input their professional judgements on the progress of their Year 6 pupils.

Step 4: The headteacher of the primary school authorises the transmission of the data to the secondary school.

Step 5: Year 7 teachers in the secondary school can use the data to plan curriculum delivery and any additional support that each pupil in the new cohort may need.

ASCL has worked with askEddi to produce the portal with financial support from the ASCL Educational Development Trust. It is being made available to secondary schools for a small fee of £495 plus VAT. There is no fee for a primary school to participate.


  • Read more about the impact of coronavirus on transition and how ASCL and askEddi have been working with schools to develop SixIntoSeven™ in this article by ASCL Primary Specialist Tiffnie Harris.

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