Parent apps

Schoolcomms understand that building a strong relationship with parents is a really important step to improving a child’s learning and education.

Supplying the UK’s leading parent app to schools, Schoolcomms’ seamless MIS integration makes it easy for schools to build and maintain effective parent engagement through technology.

The Branded Parent App comes with the core features every school should have to keep parents fully connected with their child’s life at school. Parents can track attendance, receive progress and achievements reports, check lesson timetables and access a range of other school services. Customisable branding allows schools to strengthen their school community and uniquely identify their school.

Schoolcomms offers complete flexibility on functionality, letting schools build their own app based on their needs. Additional features can be added at any time, covering communications, cashless payments, club management, school dinners and parents evening bookings.

Free over the phone demonstration, branding mock-up and trial are available.

Member benefit: ASCL members receive a £100 discount (per member) towards their school’s parent app licence. For more information and full details visit:

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