ASCL Ethical Leadership Commission: Optimism

How’s it going? How’s the year for you now we’re in its second half?  What are the exam classes looking like?  How’s recruitment?  Admissions? How is your budget holding up?  Is your building falling down? Have you got enough governors? 

Are parents in good spirits or are they super-critical? Are the children happy and settled, or revolting? Are there any CAMHS appointments? Has Ofsted been?  What are you doing about the EBacc? What did you do about the snow?  

I hope you’ll be able to haul yourself away from all of this so you can come to ASCL Annual Conference and take part in our Ethical Leadership debate.  There’ll be information, a panel discussion, a workshop and a few questions on the conference app to gather your thoughts.  We’ll talk about the next part of the plan. 

One of the most important jobs for us next weekend is to canvass views on the language we want to introduce into daily leadership life through the Framework for Ethical Leadership.  If you’ve been patient enough to stagger through the blogs heretofore you’ll be unavoidably familiar with them.  If you're just reading this one, here they are below. Our report will also be readily available at Conference for slightly longer reading.

We’ve aligned ourselves with the seven principles of public life








And for us, we’ve expanded leadership because as public servants and role models for the young, how we behave is as important as what we do.  We think leaders should demonstrate: 








We originally had six virtues, but optimism crept in at the end.  Despite everything - the pressures of our daily lives and the challenges of our leadership - it always does.  That’s why we do the job and serve the children. 

I hope you like what we’ve done, and I look forward to meeting you.

Please email with your thoughts.

Carolyn’s series of blogs on ethical leadership in education are available here, together with information on the origins of the ASCL Ethical Leadership Commission.

ASCL Past President Peter Kent has also written Doing the right thing which looks at ethical leadership in education from an international perspective.
Posted: 12/03/2018 16:18:18