ASCL Cymru pays tribute to students and learners ahead of A-level results day

Eithne Hughes, Director of ASCL Cymru, comments on the publication of results for A levels, AS levels and vocational qualifications in Wales on Tuesday 10 August.
Commenting on the publication of results for A-levels, AS levels and vocational qualifications in Wales on Tuesday 10 August, Eithne Hughes, Director of ASCL Cymru, said:
Congratulations to all students who will receive their confirmed qualification gradings tomorrow. The last 17 months have been an extraordinarily turbulent period of education for both learners and the profession alike. 
“The decision taken before Christmas not to progress with exams in Wales given the disruption to education led to schools and colleges having to deal with assessing learners across a range of evidence, as well as running the early appeals process. 
“Learners will already have had sight of the grades they have earned, which are a real credit to their resilience and hard work in the most challenging of times. The school leaders and teachers who know them best have quite correctly been trusted with assessing attainment across a range of evidence. This is a different system than exams and is therefore likely to lead to a different pattern of grades compared to a normal exam series. 
“There could well be some pressure on university places but the vast majority of learners should achieve the grades they need. Universities, schools, and colleges will do all they possibly can to help those students who have to use the clearing process to get a place on the course of their choice.
“ASCL Cymru members and, indeed, the whole profession, have worked tirelessly to ensure that outcomes are fair and robust. This is a time to celebrate the work of our learners and leaders. 
“We wish all Welsh students the very best, whether going to university, college or taking up employment