ASCL response to Ofqual reply on centre-assessed grading proposal

ASCL response to Ofqual's reply to our proposal to address some remaining injustices around centre-assessed grading. 
Our letter of 7 September to Ofqual can be read here, and their response of 11 September 2020 is here

We are disappointed by Ofqual’s response

The abandonment of national standardisation of this year’s grades meant the historical performance of schools and colleges was not used to moderate grades as originally intended

But centres had already been instructed by Ofqual to take into account historical performance in their own calculations for centre-assessed grades. Our proposed route of appeal would allow them to resubmit grades if their calculations included previous years that were anomalous to the normal trend of their results. It would address clear injustices without opening the floodgates.

However, Ofqual has dismissed even this modest proposal and done so without putting forward any alternative suggestion itself. It bears a heavy responsibility for what went wrong this year and it should be trying harder to put it right.

We note the attempt in the letter from Dame Glenys to deflect blame by suggesting that ASCL jumped the gun in producing guidance for schools and colleges. To be clear, Ofqual was fully aware of and welcomed our guidance, and has never flagged up anything it considers incorrect. 

Ofqual should focus on remedying injustices rather than looking for scapegoats.