ASCL Leading Conversations Series - Steve Munby CBE

Insightful conversations on leadership with guests from across the education community and beyond

Our series of online CPD sessions will explore the key issues facing the education system, with expert guests offering their thoughts on addressing these challenges. 

They will also share ideas on how leaders can continue to improve the system for the benefit of all children, young people and their communities, as well as those working in the system.

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Imperfect leadership and developing future leaders
In this session, Steve will consider some of the positive aspects of imperfect leadership.   In particular, he will consider how those with an imperfect leadership mindset will seek out ways to encourage and support others to step up into leadership.

The discussion will also consider the succession planning challenges at a time when many school leaders are considering leaving the profession.

Personal access
Access to all 12 sessions: £250 plus VAT
(single user access to the live sessions and the recordings until 31/08/2022)

Access to a single session: £25 plus VAT(single user access to one live session and the recording of that session for 30 days post live broadcast)

Whole-school access
Access to all 12 sessions: £500 plus VAT
(single school access to the live sessions and the recordings until 31/08/2022)

MATs and other institutions with multiple sites can also access the complete series (live sessions and recordings until 31/08/2022) - please contact for a quote.

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Steve Munby CBE

Consultant and speaker on leadership

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