Brand New to Leading Data - Day 1

Through practical sessions working with various data systems, including the ASCL data toolkit, alongside guidance from our data experts, you will gain the understanding and confidence you need to present your organisation’s performance to key stakeholders, including governors, senior leaders, middle leaders, and teachers.   

Don’t worry if you don’t have a data background – this course will help you tell your organisation’s performance and accountability story confidently, whilst also understanding the data’s strengths and limits.

Brand New to Leading Data: Day 2
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Duncan Baldwin

Deputy Director of Policy

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Tiffnie Harris

Primary Specialist

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Delegates will:

  • Gain an understanding of national performance measures, how they are constructed, and their limitations 
  • Focus on the key dates during the academic calendar, and what can be known at specific points during the year
  • Be introduced to the relevant key documents published by the DfE and Ofsted (IDSR and ASP)
  • Identify how to answer the question ‘how well have we done?’, with model presentations to enable you to draft your first report to staff and governors in September 
  • Explore how to work effectively with your data manager and understand their role

This one-day course is suitable for members of the leadership team in secondary schools with responsibility for school performance and accountability, and who are brand new to this role.  

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