Leading On - Effective School Marketing for recruitment, retention and revenue

Effective school and college marketing encompasses a number of elements, from branding, identity and values to communications, crisis management and motivating supporters. This practical webinar will focus on the essential aspects of effective marketing, helping delegates identify areas that need attention in their own setting. We will understand why marketing is important and how to develop a costed and impactful action plan. Solutions are grounded in real life and designed to help colleagues get to grips with what makes their school or college appealing to parents and new staff. We will also learn how to market your school or college to attract other forms of income. 

This webinar has been designed to provide practical solutions to many of the marketing and communications challenges faced by schools, colleges and trusts. This will empower delegates with the confidence, skills and resources they need to develop an effective marketing strategy for their school. We shall cover staff recruitment and retention, attracting new pupils, crafting positive messages to parents and potential sponsors and ensuring your school website, social media and offline materials capture the imagination of your target audience. The content, and the resources accompanying the session have been developed to enable delegates to be better equipped in meeting the challenges faced by many schools and colleges today – threats from competitors, falling rolls, reduced funding and difficulties attracting the best staff.

Attendees will have access to a range of resource and templates to help them introduce some of the ideas and plans into their own school or college.


Participants will:

  • develop a much clearer understanding of what differentiates their school, college or trust from others and how to fine tune and articulate key messages to stakeholders. 
  • learn how to communicate effectively; to exploit digital media and ensure the school website not only informs existing users but acts as a successful platform to attract new staff, prospective parents and supporters.
  • access a range of templates and materials to enable them to introduce a realistic and measurable marketing plan and to identify the most effective campaign strategies to meet the needs of the school, college or trust.
There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other attendees.


  • Executive Head, CEO, Headteacher/Principal
  • Deputy Head/Vice Principal
  • Assistant Head/Assistant Principal        
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Business Leaders
  • Governors
  • Trustees
Teaching phases:
  • Secondary
  • Primary
  • Special/PRU
  • All through
  • Post-16 / FE
  • MATs
  • SATs

To attend this webinar live, you will need to ensure you have access to a computer or device that meets the Zoom system requirements.

If you cannot attend live you will receive a copy of the recording, links to any resources discussed, and the opportunity to submit questions.

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Justin Smith

Chameleon Consultancy and Training Ltd

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