Leading On - Pensions: Understanding your Annual Allowance

This term, many ASCL colleagues will receive an email from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS), or the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), informing them of a secure message in their pension portal inbox. This will invariably be a Pensions Saving Statement, delineating their pension growth in the last tax year. Being so busy running schools, they ignore it until a further email arrives in January which they might get round to looking at - by which time it is too late.

This webinar will explain the Annual Allowance, the amount by which your pension is allowed to grow each financial year without taxation. Many ASCL members wrongly assume it will not apply to them until it becomes a quagmire. We will explain how it is calculated, how it may be off set, and options around what to do if you do breach your Annual Allowance. There is not an option to ignore it.


Participants will:

  • understand more about the Annual Allowance and how it applies to them
  • understand how the Annual Allowance is calculated
  • explore what options are available
There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other attendees.

The following roles in all teaching phases:

  • Executive Head, CEO, Headteacher/Principal
  • Deputy Head/Vice Principal
  • Assistant Head/Assistant Principal      
  • Business Leaders

To attend this webinar live, you will need to ensure you have access to a computer or device that meets the Zoom system requirements.

If you cannot attend live you will receive a copy of the recording, links to any resources discussed, and the opportunity to submit questions.

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Jacques Szemalikowski

Conditions of Employment Specialist: Pensions

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