Leading On - Principles of whole school inclusion

Children who experience vulnerability and disadvantage are more likely to be excluded and have poor life outcomes. Whether these challenges are known to us or unseen, all staff have a role to play recognising and responding to them.

This webinar will introduce three key principles to inform and support how you lead and develop an approach to whole-school inclusion which improves outcomes for all children.

In this session, we will consider and reflect on each principle: considering relevant challenges, introduce frameworks to take away and use to evaluate, and develop whole-school inclusion in your school. The session will focus on exclusions, reintegration, and the value of discretely separating the practice and systems which underpin our response to them.


£50+VAT for a single webinar, plus up to three people can attend live.
The cost includes a copy of the resources and recording.

Participants will:

  1. reflect on three key principles of whole-school inclusion in the context of their own schools 
  2. recognise how exclusion can present us with a window on unseen vulnerability and disadvantage. 
  3. consider the value of a practice and systems framework approach to leading whole-school inclusion
There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other attendees.

Suitable for the following roles in primary, secondary, post-16, FE, and all-through settings, and MATs and SATS:

  • Assistant Head/Assistant Principal

To attend this webinar live, you will need to ensure you have access to a computer or device that meets the Zoom system requirements.

If you cannot attend live you will receive a copy of the recording, links to any resources discussed, and the opportunity to submit questions.

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Shaun Brown

Director of Programmes, The Difference

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