Leading On - Social Media Round-Up

Social Media plays a huge role in all our daily lives but more and more we are seeing it merge with our professional lives. How can you best protect your reputation online?

Using social media can be an effective tool within education to inspire pupils and get creative. However, there is also your professional reputation at stake. With disciplinaries and referrals to professional regulators citing concerns relating to social media on the rise, ASCL solicitor Lauren Hilton explores the main do’s and don’ts when it comes to managing your online presence and discusses when it may be appropriate for schools to take action against staff.

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a prerecorded session and available for purchasing resources only*
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Lauren Hilton

Employment Solicitor, ASCL

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Participants will:

  • Understand when schools can discipline staff for inappropriate use of social media.
  • Understand how to best protect your reputation and your school’s reputation online.
  • Appreciate the main do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media and where appropriate support can be found.

  • Executive Head, CEO, Headteacher/Principal 
  • Deputy Head/Vice Principal 
  • Assistant Head/Assistant Principal
  • Aspiring leaders 
  • Middle leaders/HODs/Subject Specialists 
  • Business Leaders