Online Timetabling Support

Coaching for Colleagues New to Timetabling

The most effective way to learn how to construct a timetable is through coaching from an experienced timetable coach using the data and software* for your school.  This ensures that the support is timely and targeted and results in a successful timetable. The amount of support needed will vary depending on the completeness of base data, complexity of the timetable and the capability of the new timetabler to learn new skills and apply them. In practice, it is a more cost-effective method of completing the timetable than outsourcing.  

Our consultant will help the new timetabler understand their software*, establish, and guide them through a strategy, introduce the most effective ways to solve problems, and take them through the steps which will enable them to gain in confidence and progress independently.  Coaching can contribute to a longer-term strategy for building the capacity of your staff to plan and schedule the timetable.

All coaching is conducted online (using either Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms), making use of sharing screens and by email.

*Please enquire to find out which software programme can be supported.

Led by
Roger Woollen
Timetable Consultant, former deputy headteacher, The Snaith School, East Riding of Yorkshire

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