West Midlands Representatives

Herefordshire Carol Rushton carol.rushton@ascl.org.uk
Learning Community Trust Andrew McNaughton andrew.mcnaughton@ascl.org.uk
Sandwell Abbas Rashid abbas.rashid@ascl.org.uk
Staffordshire Catharine Forster catharine.forster@ascl.org.uk
Staffordshire Steve Barr steve.barr@ascl.org.uk
Shropshire Peter Lowe-Werrell Peter.Lowe-Werrell@ascl.org.uk
Warwickshire Maura Favell maura.favell@ascl.org.uk 
Wolverhampton Arthur Thompson arthur.thompson@ascl.org.uk
Worcestershire Phil Hanson phil.hanson@ascl.org.uk

If you are interested in becoming a Local Representative please contact employers@ascl.org.uk

We would be delighted to talk to you in more depth about the role and answer any questions that you may have.