Changes to the Compare School and College Performance
(CSCP) website

24 June 2022

To support appropriate use of the 2021/22 data, changes are planned to the performance measures website and the way school and college level data is presented for 2021/22. Over the coming months changes will include: 
  • removing the “all schools and colleges” and local authority comparison tables (they will continue to show local authority and national averages for each performance measure on the individual school or college pages)
  • changing the name of the website to reduce the emphasis on comparison between institutions
  • stopping displaying pre-pandemic data (2018/19 and earlier) on the school/college pages, including for Key Stage 2, and move these data to the usual archive with a link on the website
  • changing the way progress measures are presented by removing the coloured “bandings” to discourage simplistic conclusions being drawn about a school or college’s overall performance
Updated accountability documents: On 22 June 2022, the following updated guidance documents were published by the government: The letter from the Secretary of State of 21 June to ASCL and the NAHT can be read here, with our response here.

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