Free 'Monitor Your School Attendance' tool

December 2023

If you are sharing your daily attendance data with the Department for Education, you can access the free Monitor Your School Attendance tool.

The tool can help you:
  • identify pupils needing support
  • save time building attendance reports
  • get trend insights for different pupil cohorts
  • compare your school’s attendance within your local authority
How to access the service for the first time:
  1. Log in to DfE Sign-in
  2. Request access to ‘VYED – school attendance data’
  3. Your approver should give you access within five days
  4. Log in to View Your Education Data (VYED) and select 'Monitor your school attendance'

View local authority, regional and national pupil attendance:
Scroll down this page, or search GOV.UK for ‘pupil attendance in schools’ for public data.

Alternatively, you can view this leaflet which contains a QR code to access the relevant page of the GOV.UK website.