Ramadan guidance for schools and educational settings:
physical education and physical activity

March 2024

Birmingham City University in association with the Muslim Council of Britain, the Association for Physical Education, the Youth Sport Trust, and the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity, have published guidance for schools and wider educational establishments on how to accommodate and support the fasting student, and fasting physical education (PE) teacher during Ramadan. 
  • Section 1 provides the context with an explanation of Ramadan, and the practical implications of Muslims’ experience. This also includes key definitions of events which take place throughout Ramadan, and an infographic outlining the 33-year Ramadan cycle. 
  • Section 2 provides an outline of the current situation of children’s physical activity and the role schools and educational settings play in delivering PE. 
  • Section 3 provides guidance on what does / does not break the fast. 
  • Section 4 offers guidelines for schools on how they can support the fasting student and staff throughout Ramadan, including an infographic acronym summarising the key guidelines. 
  • Section 5 addresses misconceptions of physical activity during Ramadan, and provides guidance for staff on the Islamic stance on physical activity during Ramadan.
Download the guidance here