Influencing policy on your behalf

ASCL speaks with authority and influence on national and local government policies, and we work hard to campaign on our members’ behalf about the important issues affecting the future of our education system.

ASCL believes that the key to making our schools and colleges world-class is maintaining a culture of trust and respect between policy makers and the profession.

All year our Presidential Trio, General Secretary and Policy Specialists are working with politicians, civil servants and officials within DfE and other government departments including the Treasury, to bring to their attention the issues that are impacting on school and college leadership and the children, young people and communities that leaders serve.

In addition to government departments we also work with education representatives across all parties plus a wide range of other key organisations including, Ofsted, Ofqual, The Education and Skills Funding Agency, Regional Schools Commissioners and many more. 
School and college leaders are committed to raising standards and want to lead a world-class education system with world-class schools. Huge strides are being made right across the system to continue to raise standards, with school and college leaders at the forefront. It is our mission to communicate the issues on your behalf.

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