ASCL NI comment on Department of Education’s corporate plan


John Trueman, Director of ASCL Northern Ireland, comments on the publication of Every CHILD, the Department of Education’s new corporate plan.


“On the surface, this plan appears to tick many of the right boxes. We support the Department in their aim of championing the needs and aspirations of young people and delivering an effective, child-first, collaborative and high quality education system.

“It is disappointing however that there is no mention of how the growing recruitment and retention crisis in education is going to be addressed. Any plan to deliver positive outcomes for children and young people is reliant on there being enough quality teachers and leaders working in schools.

“As always with these long-term plans, the devil will be in the detail. We look forward to working with the Department of Education going forward and learning more about what this plan will look like in practice and the implications for the school leaders who will be asked to deliver this change.”