ASCL comment on T level action plan  

Anne Murdoch, Senior Adviser in College Leadership at the Association of School and College Leaders, responds to the publication of the T level action plan by the Department for Education.
There are several areas of concern around the rollout of T levels. The number of enrollments, while growing, are still relatively small and the retention rate is worryingly low. Schools and colleges are still uncertain about exactly what qualifications they can offer in 2026, with T levels not covering all subjects and some being scrapped before ever seeing the light of day. 
“Implementing a brand new qualifications system is not simple, and the difficulties the Department for Education are having are understandable to some extent. What is unforgivable is the rush to dispense with tried and tested BTECs and other qualifications before T levels have been properly embedded. There is a risk that many students will be left without a viable post-16 pathway.
“It may well be that T levels are ultimately successful and boost skills education in the way the government is hoping, although plans for the Advanced British Standard have already cast doubt on their longevity. But by sweeping away other, popular vocational qualifications, the government is gambling with the futures of thousands of young people