ASCL comment on reviews into delayed VTQ results

Tom Middlehurst, Curriculum, Assessment and Inspection Specialist at the Association of School and College Leaders, responds to the publication of reviews by Ofqual, Pearson and OCR into the delayed VTQ results.
“We welcome these reviews into the unacceptable delays to the results of some vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs). 
“The exam system was severely stretched in dealing with the changes in assessments over the last three years, and the complexity and flexibility of VTQs did make them especially hard to deliver in 2022. However, these challenges were known about in advance and do not excuse the stress caused to the young people who did not receive their results on time. The exam boards must act quickly on the recommendations to avoid a repeat of the problems in January and summer 2023, and work together more closely in the future to make the process easier for schools and colleges.
“The reports highlight that VTQs are still not given parity with general qualifications. We need a paradigm shift which places all forms of vocational and technical assessment on a par with academic qualifications