Past editions of the ASCL Leadership podcast

In this episode, ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  • Anne Heavey, National director, Whole School SEND on the future of special needs provision
  • Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, UCL/IoE on research and teacher expertise
  • Jonathan Simons is a Director Education at Public First on what we need to do to make a socially-just education system
  • Rachael Warwick, Executive Head, Ridgeway Education Trust & ASCL President on reflections on ASCL national conference 2020
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In this edition, ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  1. Kate Chhatwell, CEO, Challenge Partners on what robust peer review looks like
  2. Leora Cruddas, Chief Executive, Confederation of School Trusts on telling a better story about trusts, and three emerging forms of leadership
  3. Kiran Gill, Founder of The Difference on the importance of working in alternative provision as part of a leader’s experience
  4. Margaret Mulholland, ASCL SEND & Inclusion specialist on her role with ASCL and seeing SEND experience as a chance to learn more about learning
  5. Sir John Dunford, Chair, Independent Commission into Examination Malpractice on the work of the commission and its findings
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Geoff Barton, ASCL General Secretary, talks to ASCL's Annual Conference 2020 keynote speaker Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton, British firefighter, psychologist and writer.

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In this episode ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to

  1. Professor Alma Harris, University of Swansea, on Why we must keep PISA results in perspective
  2. Ann Cole, Former Birmingham headteacher, on the effects of food poverty and the impact of food backs
  3. Professor Rob Coe, Evidence-Based Education, on the perils and opportunities of lesson observation
  4. Gayle Gorman, HM Chief Inspector, Scotland, on Scottish education system reforms and the nature of inspection
  5. Matthew Syed, sportsman and journalist, on how diverse leadership teams make better decisions
  6. Cherry Tingle, Principal and CEO, Energy Coast UTC, on the impact of her UTC in an area of high deprivation
  7. Sabrina Cohen-Hatton, Firefighter, on her life now, her background as a homeless person, and lessons to be learnt
  8. Pat Sowa, former primary headteacher, now speaker and writer, on her mission to talk about mental health based on the experience of her son, Dom
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ASCL is pleased to announce Matthew Syed as a keynote speaker for ASCL's Annual Conference 2020

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In this edition, General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  1. Professor Richard Wilkinson, co-author of the Spirit Level, on what makes societies equitable
  2. John Blake, Curriculum Design Lead, ARK, on principled curriculum planning
  3. Sophie Welsh, Associate Headteacher Preston Manor School, London, on creating a culture to help young people reject gang culture
  4. Julia Harnden, ASCL funding specialist, on current funding promises
  5. Anne Tyrell, CEO, and Mick Lochran, Principal, North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe, on rethinking the FE curriculum and working in partnerships
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In this edition, General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  1. Caireen Mitchell, Principal of Croydon College, on the bleak realities of FE funding
  2. Julie McCulloch, ASCL Director of Policy, on making equalities, diversity & inclusion a practical reality
  3. James Pope, former Headteacher and Director, Inspired Educate, on how pressures on headteachers might be better addressed
  4. Nicki Hutchinson, Executive, St George's Academy, Birmingham, on alternative provision and tackling knife-crime
  5. Toby Greany, Professor of Education, University of Nottingham, on lessons on effective school improvement across trusts
  6. Frank, Ethan and Andre (three students), plus Rachael Warwick, ASCL President 2019-20, on the importance of the ‘Forgotten Third’
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For the June 2019 leadership podcast, ASCL general secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  • Sean Harford, National Director, Education, Ofsted on responses to the new inspection framework, the EBacc, and what leaders could be focussing on
  • Hayley Dunn, School Business Leader Specialist, ASCL on current issues facing Finance Directors and Business Leaders
  • Dr Fiona Creaby, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University on research into how business leaders can have maximum impact
  • Louise Hatswell, Pay and Conditions Specialist, ASCL on current issues – and what to check in your contract if moving schools or trusts
  • Stephen Tierney, CEO, on lessons to learn about Opportunity Areas, and the challenges and joys of working in disadvantaged communities
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In this edition, ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  • Vice President Rachael Warwick on ASCL’s new equalities and diversity mission – and what it will mean in practice
  • ASCL Funding Specialist Julia Harnden on our ‘True Cost of Education?’ campaign
  • Emma Knights, CEO of the National Governance Association on their new ‘Educators on Board’ campaign
  • Julia Upton, Headteacher at Debenham High School, on leading a Church of England School
  • Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor at the University of Buckingham, on what artificial intelligence might mean for the teaching professions and the state of the UK’s universities
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In this edition, General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  • Euan Blair, CEO WhiteHat, on creating high-status non-university routes into technology careers
  • Dame Helena Kennedy, QC, on the work of her Foundation in helping the most disadvantaged in society move into higher education
  • Mohammad Abdi, GP, former Somalian refugee whose life was transformed by education
  • Alice King Farlow, Director of Learning, National Theatre, on the transformational power of the arts, and local opportunities for arts partnerships
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Ahead of our annual conference in March 2019, general secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  • ASCL president, Richard Sheriff, on his theme of Connected Leadership
  • Directors of Marketing and PD Services, Annette Wade and Kcarrie Valentine, on the line-up of speakers, workshop choices, and exhbition
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In this edition, General Secretary Geoff Barton talks to:

  • Stephen Munday, Chief Executive of the CAM Academy Trust, and newly-elected President of the Chartered College: on outward-facing leadership and the developing role of the Chartered College for leaders
  • Philip Wayne, Headmaster, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe: on the distinctive challenges of leading a selective boys grammar school
  • Sharon Cromie, Headteacher, Headteacher Wycombe High School: on the distinctive challenges of leading a selective girls grammar school
  • David Hood, Headteacher, Cressex Community School, High Wycombe: on the distinctive challenges of leading a community school in an area of selective education
  • Jean Gross, Former Communication Champion for Children: on the importance of oracy, notably ‘the word gap’, to help tackle social mobility
  • Ali Oliver, CEO, Youth Sport Trust: on the way sport at the educational core drives physical and mental wellbeing, inclusion, and leadership skills
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This month’s conversations with General Secretary Geoff Barton include:

  • Emma Knights, CEO, National Governance Association: on good governance via governors and trustees, and the role of headteachers as governors
  • Carol Jones, Chair, the Leading Women’s Alliance: on the mission to bring more women into headship and available support for them
  • Paul Dix, Executive Director, Pivotal Education: on simplifying behaviour rules, retaining humanity, and building consistency across staff
  • Charly Young, CEO, and Aiseosa Eweka-Okera, Young Ambassador, The Girls Network: on the role of the Girls Networking in raising the aspirations of young females by providing role-models and mentors
  • Sian Hampton, CEO, and Lee Miveld, Head of Alternative Provision, Archway Learning Trust, Nottinghamshire: on stepping from headship to executive leadership, what a commitment to 100% inclusion means in practice, and giving support to all young people against chaotic, often violent backgrounds
  • Malcolm Trobe, ASCL NPQEL Programme Director and Consultant: on early lessons from the NPQEL about the opportunities and challenges of executive leadership
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In this special edition of the podcast, General Secretary Geoff Barton joins ASCL NI Regional Officer Robert Wilson to meet government officials and tour three Belfast schools in conversation with their principals:

  • Jacqueline Magennis, Priory Integrated College
  • Nicola Connery, Strathearn School
  • Amanda McNamee, Lagan College
In our conversations we talk about issues familiar to school and college leaders across the UK: funding, the challenges of leadership, whole-school literacy, and how leaders help young people from all backgrounds to achieve their best.

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