Northern Ireland Teachers' Pension Scheme: Proposed changes to scheme regulations

ASCL Northern Ireland response to government consultation on proposed changes to scheme regulations for NI Teachers' Pension Scheme. 
ASCL welcomes the opportunity to make a written response to the proposals to alter the Northern Ireland Teachers’ Pension Scheme (NITPS) regulations as the first part of the remedy to the transitional arrangements to the 2015 public sector schemes. The Association is pleased that many of its responses and suggestions to the initial July 2020 consultation were adopted into the Public Sector Pensions and Judicial Offices 
Bill (July 2021).

ASCL continues to be strongly opposed to the proposal that the cost of the remedy will be incurred by the NITPS, and therefore ultimately funded by member and/or employee contributions. The scheme (administrators, members, employers) is not at fault and should not incur costs to fund a remedy to an illegality not of its making.

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