Secretary of State's response to the STRB 33rd Report 2023

ASCL response to the Secretary of State's response to the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) 33rd Report. 
This submission is in addition to the joint statement we have sent in partnershipwith the NAHT, NASUWT, NEU and Community.

Timeliness of the process
Rather disappointingly, we find ourselves in need of commenting on the timeliness of the process. Despite the remit being issued significantly earlier than in previous years, the report and response to it were again delayed until July.

Again, we saw the Department’s inability to meet the first deadline cause adelay to the deadlines for all consultees. We must commend the STRB who,despite those delays, managed to complete and submit its report earlier than the original deadline suggested by the Secretary of State.

We acknowledge that circumstances this year were very different to previous years due to the industrial dispute between teaching unions and the Secretary of State, but it still took two months from the date that the STRB report was submitted to the Secretary of State before it was published, along with her response.

ASCL, along with the majority of consultees, have repeatedly voiced our concerns over the report being published at the end of the summer term, and the impact that this has on our members when trying to balance their budgets.

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