National Tutoring Programme (NTP)

5 April 2022

The DfE has made the following changes to the NTP this academic year:
  • Tutoring attendance: Tuition Partners can swap pupils in and out of a block of tuition once it has started, due to pupil absence, or because the full 15 hours of support is not required.
  • Summer tuition: schools have the flexibility to use all tuition routes to deliver tuition over the summer holidays. Those using the Tuition Partner route should discuss this with their Tuition Partners, to check their availability to support over this period.
These changes are in addition to the recent announcement that £65 million is being transferred to the School-Led Tutoring route for the current academic year, with each school receiving a minimum 15% uplift in their final instalment in May. The funds can be used to provide more support to students taking public exams this summer, to offer tuition in July and August and to support pupils transitioning from primary to secondary school.
Plans have also been announced to simplify the NTP for the 2022/23 academic year, to ensure high-quality tuition reaches pupils who need it the most, including:
  • All schools will receive their tutoring funding directly.
  • All tuition routes will have the same 60% subsidy rate.
  • Schools currently engaged with Tuition Partners will be able to continue working with them in the 2022/23 academic year.
  • Schools with Academic Mentors can continue to employ them in the 2022/23 academic year or recruit directly. Please share this information with Academic Mentors that you employ, as you develop your tuition plans for next year.
In early April, the NTP engagement team ran a series of ‘drop in’ sessions for schools, where they can ask questions or seek clarification on the programme. Further sessions will be run after Easter.

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