Education Staff Wellbeing Charter

7 September 2021

The Education Staff Wellbeing Charter
  • was created by the education sector to highlight staff wellbeing in the education sector
  • is a tool for schools and colleges to create, and publicly commit to, their own wellbeing strategies
  • is a declaration to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing and mental health of everyone working in state education
  • includes 12 commitments on education staff wellbeing by the DfE and Ofsted
  • sets out five principles of shared understanding on the meaning and importance of wellbeing and everyone’s roles and responsibilities
  • sends a message to everyone working in schools and colleges that their wellbeing and mental health matters
  • aims to improve wellbeing in schools and colleges by encouraging debate and accountability
You can use the charter to: 
  • show staff that you take their wellbeing seriously
  • open a conversation with staff about their wellbeing and mental health
  • create a staff wellbeing strategy
  • create a wellbeing-focused culture
ASCL is continuing to work with the DfE and key stakeholders on staff wellbeing and your views on the Charter will help inform our work. Members can let us know their views by emailing

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