ASCL evidence to the IWPRB 3rd remit 

11 January 2021

ASCL welcomed the opportunity to make a written response to the IWPRB following the letter from the Minister for Education in October 2020 which addressed the arrangements for the 2021 pay award.

We were again invited to submit evidence for several matters for recommendation, some for September 2021 and some longer-term considerations.

For September 2021, the items for consideration included:
  • what adjustments should be made to the salary and allowance scales for classroom teachers, unqualified teachers and school leaders?
  • identification and calculation of leadership pay of headteachers accountable for more than one school
  • consideration as to whether the current TLR arrangements are working effectively 
  • role and remuneration of unqualified teachers
  • role and remuneration of Leading Practitioner Range 
  • pay portability definition to be introduced from September 2021
  • impact of time management matters 
  • in light of the newly defined statutory roles within the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018 to come into force from January 2021, consideration as to whether the current SEN allowance is appropriate 
  • comparison between experienced teachers and other graduate professions in Wales.
For longer term, the items for consideration included:
  • whether the existing structure for teachers’ pay, terms and conditions is fair and appropriate for all school leaders and teachers in Wales including supply teachers within scope of the STPCD 
  • the relationship between responsibilities, workload and pay and conditions; and, where appropriate  
  • an outline proposal of potential further research programme recommended for IWPRB to carry out into such matters.
In our submission, we called for a fully funded, substantial increase to all pay ranges in order to address the erosion of pay since 2010 and provided evidence to substantiate this.

We again highlighted the recruitment and retention crisis in Wales and how urgent action is required if we are to stem the rapid flow of teachers from the profession.

We recommended retaining the flexible TLR structure currently contained in the STPC(W)D and we have seen no evidence to suggest that any change to the provisions for Unqualified Teachers or Leading Practitioners is required. 

The deadline for the submission of initial evidence from all consultees was 8 January 2021. You can see ASCL’s full response here (and in Welsh here). 

All consultees are now able to submit supplementary evidence by 5 February, and to attend an oral evidence session with the pay review body in March.
Further updates will be provided in due course.

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