Community schools 

9 September 2022

Welsh government is pushing ahead with ensuring that all schools across Wales are community schools. 

The Programme for Government 2021-2026 commits the Welsh government to:
Invest in the learning environment of Community Focused Schools, co-locating key services, and securing stronger engagement with parents and carers outside traditional hours.”

There was an initial investment of £20 million to support schools to improve facilities for community use. This we welcome. However, there are quite a few practical implications regarding the next stages of this plan. 

I have made the obvious points around workload for our members, costings, how this policy fits with the Welsh government’s plan to tackle the causes of child poverty, health and safety implications, and of course, the timing of yet another reform at this point. For years there has been a reduction in wrap-around services to support schools. In short, whether you are in a small rural secondary or a large city primary, you cannot do this alone nor can you be expected to solve all the issues of child poverty. 

Guidance will be issued in due course and we wait to see what Estyn’s role will be in their judgements around this reform. 

If you have any feedback on this, please get in touch with Eithne Hughes.

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