Evaluation and accountability

9 September 2022

This is a reminder of a document on school improvement which was updated during the summer break. 

In terms of information and evidence, the guidance is pretty vague but states the requirements as follows: 
  • A broad range of high quality, relevant and timely information and evidence underpins all aspects of the framework for evaluation, improvement and accountability.
  • Information and evidence are used appropriately for three purposes: improvement, accountability and transparency.
  • For improvement, schools use the widest and richest possible range of evidence available to inform self-evaluation and processes for improvement within their own context, while retaining a constant focus on learner progress.
And then in using information, schools, local authorities, diocesan authorities and regional consortia should:
  • use a balanced approach that draws on a coherent and comprehensive set of qualitative and quantitative information to evaluate learners’ progress in schools in a non-hierarchical manner. This information should be relevant to individual schools’ needs and context, but there are likely to be commonalities across schools to support a shared understanding of progression and to focus schools towards national expectations
  • not rely solely on narrow measures of learner attainment to draw conclusions on school performance
Please do try to give some time to respond to the items above. We shall let you know the outcomes as soon as they are analysed. 

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