Welsh in Education Strategic Plans evidence

9 September 2022

The Children, Young People and Education Committee is undertaking an inquiry into Welsh-medium education, with specific focus on Welsh in Education Strategic Plans (WESPs). This is a joint inquiry to explore how the statutory framework, established to promote planning and development of Welsh, medium education, is working. 

In order to inform the inquiry, please share your views on the following questions: 
  • Has the current statutory framework for WESPs improved since the recommendations published in December 2015 and following the Inquiry into Welsh in Education Strategic Plans by the Children, Young People and Education Committee in the Fourth Senedd?
  • To what extent do WESPs contribute to the outcomes and targets set out in the Welsh government’s Welsh Language Strategy – Cymraeg 2050?
  • How are local authorities responding to changes to guidance on school categories according to Welsh-medium provision, and are they meeting the Welsh government’s ambition to increase Welsh-medium provision in English-medium and dual-stream schools?
  • What challenges lie ahead in the planning and development of Welsh-medium provision, ahead of a proposed Welsh Language Education Bill?
 It is really important we receive your views on this vitally important aspect of Welsh-medium progress in education, even in just a few bullet points.  Please contact Eithne Hughes with your comments. 

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