Pastoral care, teaching and learning

Coronavirus documents and guidance 
Health and Social Care

Covid-19 Vaccination programme for children and young people - guidance for schools
Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland)
PHA Operational Guidance on managing positive Covid-19 notifications in the school setting 

Education Authority 
Generic risk assessments (September 2022)
Educational visits (January 2022)
Face coverings from 21 March 2022 
ED Guidance for Schools (revised) August 2021 
EA - School risk assessment for Covid-19 pandemic 
Administering medication - manual for principals and governors

Dept of Education 
Guidance on supporting staff to return to schools (including EA Covid-19 risk assessments)
Guidance for schools and educational settings in Northern Ireland (18 August 2021)
Curriculum Planning for Post Primary Schools 2021/22 (Circular 2021/19, 12 August 2021) 
Coronavirus guidance note - indoor events (18 June 2021)
Guidance to Boards and Governors and Schools on School Development Planning 2021-22 
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Education Restart: Guidance for Schools and Educational Settings in NI (5 March2021)
ASCL NI Letter to Peter Weir on awarding of grades and appeals (1 March) 

Equality Commission for NI
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland: Covid-19 and Education: Equality Considerations

ASCL NI guidance
ASCL paper for Education Committee: School closures and examinations (January 2021) 
ASCL NI Briefing paper for Education Committee, NI Assembly 3 June 2020 
ASCL NI briefing paper on Restart for NI Assembly Education Committee 18 August 2020 
Further guidance for schools on supporting remote learning (Circular 2021/01)

Other guidance
Approval of Qualifications for use in Post-Primary Schools in NI (Circular 2021/02)

Bullying in schools (2016 Act and EA guidance)
Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (NI) 2016 Statutory guidance for schools and boards of governors
Effective responses to bullying behaviour (revised January 2022)

Child Protection: Record Keeping in Schools

Class sizes in post-primary schools - practical subjects

Children who display harmful sexualised behaviour DE Circular 2016/05

Children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing in education framework

Children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing in education framework implementation plan

Effective educational uses of mobile digital devices (DE Circ. 2016.26)

Entering pupils for public examinations 

Fitness to teach

GDPR (EA advice)

Guidance on classroom observations and visits

dentifying Warning Signs of  Potential Suicidal Thoughts or Behaviour

Online Safety (DE Circ. 2016.27)

Parental responsibility: updated guidance for schools DE Circular 2023/02

Procedure for supporting effective leadership by school principals

Procedure for supporting effective teaching in schools​

Protocol for Home School e-learning​

Review of the use of restraint and seclusion in educational settings in NI DE

'Neither Seen Nor Heard' - Rights-based review on the use of restraint and seclusion in educational settings, NICCY 

Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools - A guide for schools

School complaints

Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Schools, DE Circular 2021/06: Recording Children with SEN

Education Authority guidance: Supporting Transgender Young People

Suspension and Expulsions Arrangements for pupils in grant-aided schools in NI (DE Circular 2021/04)

Transforming careers support for young people and adults in Northern Ireland, Dept for Economy

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