FE and post-16

"The specific advice on issues relating to post-16 is very good. I also find it reassuring that I am represented by an organisation that will be on my side should something go wrong. Being employed in a college is volitle and it gives me confidence that when I ask for help I get advice that's right for me." Vice Principal Students and Learning, Midlands

As a college leader, you are committed to providing your students with outstanding learning experiences, so it is vital that you have access to reliable information and advice which is relevant to your role.

In today’s challenging post-16 education landscape it is also essential that you have access to professional support and guidance relating to your employment plus, the opportunity to influence government policy.

Every member has access to a confidential telephone hotline ready to provide help with both personal employment concerns and college management issues. Backed by high quality legal advice from our team of in-house solicitors should you ever need it, our team is on-hand to ensure that you receive the best possible support with any work-related issues and concerns.

Here are some of the queries we have been helping members from FE/post-16 with recently:

  • "My college is going through a merger and my role is at risk."
  • "I'm concerned about social media posts that students have created about me."
  • "My job role is changing, and I'm concerned about my conditions of service."
  • "I need some advice connected to safeguardinbg of students."
  • "I need advice on my pension, particularly annual and lifetime allowances."
  • "I am find some of my governors increasingly difficult to work with."
  • "I have queries around funding allocations."
As an ASCL member you can take advantage of a range of benefits:

Peace of mind should something go wrong
ASCL’s legal and trade union support is there for members should you ever need it, from highly trained field officers (all former leaders in education) to ASCL’s inhouse solicitors and specialist law firms.

A voice influencing policy and speaking for YOU
ASCL’s team of specialists work tenaciously behind the scenes to influence policy implementation. Within this team is a dedicated post-16 specialist who represents FE members on a wide range of 16-19 adult learning policy advisory boards such as ESFA Advisory Forum and ESFA Post-16 Funding Group. This gives our FE and post-16 members an unparalleled opportunity to not only be fully updated in these issues but to have their views passed on to senior policy-makers.

Timely and relevant guidance on issues important to you
Our up-to-date resources and monthly newsletter Post-16 News round-up all the latest thinking and policy developments in your sector. Be informed about the latest curriculum developments and policy updates, preparing for inspection, understanding 16-19 and adult funding methodologies, collaborative arrangements, and how to improve the quality of post-16 teaching.

Personal, professional, and confidential telephone advice
With ASCL’s Hotline service, pick up the phone and have access to specialist FE advice from a trained and experienced former education leader, whatever the issue and whenever you need it. The Hotline will give you access to various specialists that can give you expert advice in areas such as post-16, inspections, funding, curriculum and assessment, and pensions.

Who can join?
Membership of ASCL is open to all senior leaders in post-16 and further education colleges.

If you are part of the senior leadership team or have substantial responsibilities across the whole institution, then you are eligible to join us. However, you must be employed by a college.

Roles that are eligible for membership include:
  • Principals
  • Vice Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Director of Curriculum
  • Finance Director
  • Head of Curriculum and Quality
  • Curriculum Area Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Director of Organisational Development
This is not an exhaustive list. To check your eligibility, please email membership@ascl.org.uk.