Leading On - Quality Assurance around Safeguarding

The responsibility of quality assuring safeguarding is a big one. As a DSL or Headteacher with huge operational pressures, it can be tempting to rely on external reviews as the main point of validation. This webinar looks at how external reviews can play an important part in the assurance of this key area, but focuses on strategies for leaders to have continuous oversight of the effectiveness of their safeguarding arrangements. Takeaways include some great ideas for QA Activities!

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a prerecorded session and available for purchasing resources only*
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Victoria Raynor

Director of Raynor Safeguarding Ltd

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Participants will:

  1. Understand the strengths and limitations of external safeguarding reviews
  2. Understand how to plan quality assurance activities
  3.  Be able to identify new quality assurance activities to strengthen self assessment

  • Executive Head, CEO, Headteacher/Principal
  • Deputy Head/Vice Principal 
  • Assistant Head/Assistant Principal  
  • Aspiring leaders 
  • Middle leaders/HODs/Subject Specialists 
  • Business Leaders 
  • Governors 
  • Trustees