Ad-Astra Human Performance

ASCL Professional Development is pleased to be working in partnership with Ad-Astra Human Performance to offer school, college and trust leaders the opportunity to engage in their Human Factors coaching experience.

Human Factors is an approach to coaching which is developed by NASA and focuses on the science of people. It uses an evidence-based approach which has been utilised worldwide to help organisations in a range of sectors develop their people.

Human Factors helps teams to align with their organisation’s values and feel more engaged. It is an approach that has been proven to improve collaboration and the achievement of common goals across teams and the organisation.

This approach to coaching can deliver the following results:
  • Conflict is replaced with cooperation and contentment
  • Silos give way to an open and honest working culture
  • Blame is replaced with self-evaluation and learning
  • Resistance turns to self-motivation
  • Improved communication means greater collaboration
  • Protective barriers erode as motivated teams are built
  • Establishing a motivated team will create higher levels of engagement
  • Improved engagement will lead to a higher performing workforce
Ad-Astra adopt a flexible approach which recognises that every organisation and team is different. The timing and structure of delivery is adapted to suit your needs. There are online and in person options available.

The Ad-Astra approach follows the following principles:

ASSESS – Start from where you are
Ad-Astra will test you and your team using their unique online assessment, which gives instant feedback in each of their nine Human Factors/Human Performance Competencies.

DEVELOP – Inspire individual growth
This involves training Human Factors concepts and facilitative learning of the core competencies and wellbeing topics.

IMPLEMENT – Instil motivation
Using performance-based coaching techniques, Ad-Astra will help individuals to recognise their strengths, develop their competencies, and implement these skills as working practices.


To find out more about the coaching support available from Ad-Astra speak to the ASCL PD Team on 0116 2991122 or email

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