Effective use of assessment data across a MAT

Developing robust trust-wide monitoring systems for assessment data across your schools can be complicated and time-consuming. In their guest blog, Sue Macgregor and Jevon Hirst from ASCL Premier Partner Alps, share some of the advantages to developing a trust-wide monitoring system. 

Posted: 24/06/2024 09:12:25
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Prioritising professional development in the face of decreased spending

As pressure on education budgets continues to increase, investing in CPD has presented leaders with difficult choices. In his latest blog, ASCL’s Thomas Freeney suggests ways leaders can maximise the impact of their CPD spending.  

Posted: 17/06/2024 15:09:00
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Navigating the AI Landscape in Education: A guide for school and college leaders

The landscape of AI adoption in education may seem vast and complex, however, in this guest blog, Professor Rose Luckin provides assurance that you are not alone in navigating this new territory and offers practical advice on how to get started and progress in your AI journey.

Posted: 07/06/2024 13:41:21
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