Hands-On with AI: Navigating AI for workload and professional development 

As ASCL launches a new series of AI workshops around the country, ASCL’s Thomas Freeney shows how AI tools can revolutionise workload management and professional development in education in his blog.  

Posted: 28/05/2024 16:12:52
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Recruiting and Retaining Generation Z

Gen Z adults are now part of the workforce and in the midst of a recruitment and retention crisis in education, we need to understand their priorities and do all we can to attract and retain new teachers to the profession.   Alex Atherton shares his findings in his guest blog. 

Posted: 23/05/2024 10:38:53
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Fake exam paper scammers thrive on desperation

With exam season now underway, Ofqual has reminded us that pupils tempted to cheat by buying exam papers online face a double whammy of sanctions. In his blog, Pepe Di'Iasio suggests one reason for young people going down this route is the immense pressure the exam system currently places on them. 

Posted: 10/05/2024 08:58:00
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Decoding sustainability

Making your setting more sustainable may seem like a minefield of terms and requirements. In his guest blog, Robert Gould, Partner at Barker, decodes the jargon and sheds light on what schools and colleges need to know as they embark on their sustainability journey. 

Posted: 07/05/2024 15:22:52
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