Ofsted and the government must demonstrate a duty of care

ASCL recently joined colleagues at the NAHT in calling for an immediate pause to Ofsted inspections. In his latest blog, Geoff Barton explains why Ofsted and the government need to respond positively for the sake not only of school leaders and their staff, but also for inspectors themselves.

Posted: 15/12/2023 10:32:35
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How to improve PISA scores: more teachers and happy students

When policymakers consider how to improve attainment, whether that is in PISA tests or other measures, it’s important that they are focusing on the right things, says Geoff Barton in his weekly blog. 

Posted: 08/12/2023 10:04:02
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Minimum service levels represent the worst type of politics

This week, it became clear the Education Secretary intended to introduce mandatory minimum service levels during future industrial action in schools and colleges. In reality, minimum service levels are designed to weaken the power of trade unions and give the government a free hand to impose less attractive pay and conditions, writes Geoff Barton in his latest blog. 

Posted: 01/12/2023 09:19:56
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